User Roles

Roles determine what users can see and do in guidde.

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In Guidde, user permissions are determined by their assigned roles:

  • Non-administrative roles grant access to vital features for active participation, including sharing, recording, editing, and commenting.

  • Administrative roles, in addition to non-administrative privileges, offer the ability to manage workspaces, spaces, and settings.

Workspace user roles

There are 4 user roles available within a Workspace:

Role type

System Role



  • Admin

  • User management

  • Workspace maintenance

  • Integrations set up

  • Billing

  • Content manager

  • Administer videos and playlists

  • Download or delete videos

  • Track analytics

  • Have access to Insights and Activity feed


  • Member

  • Recording

  • Editing

  • Sharing

  • Viewer

  • Can not create videos

  • Can search for and view content that has been explicitly shared with them.

To modify access permissions and update a user's role within the workspace:

1. go to 'Account Settings'

2. open 'Users' tab

3. click on a user

4. select the preferred role
5. click 'Set'.

Space user roles

There are three different roles available for a user within a specific Space:

Space role


  • Space Owner

Oversee the administration of spaces and have access to all insights and activity feeds within the spaces they own.

  • Collaborator

They can utilize features within a Guidde Space, excluding those reserved for owners and admins. This includes sharing content within the space and handling requests.

  • Viewer

Their access to features within a Guidde Space is restricted; they can only search for and watch content within that specific space.

To update a user's Space role:

  1. navigate to your 'Space' by selecting it from the left-side panel on the Guidde dashboard.

  2. click on 3-dot menu at the top right corner of the dashboard

3. pick 'Edit'

4. click 'Add/Edit members'

5. select a new Space role for a member

6. confirm with 'Save changes'.

πŸ“Œ All roles are available on all of Guidde's plans.
πŸ“Œ If you can not update user's role from Viewer, make sure your subscription has a vacant paid seat for them.

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