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Guidde Spaces

Unlock the power of Spaces to efficiently organize and share videos and playlists within your workspace.

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Spaces allow you to structure your content and distribute it based on your particular requirements. Videos can be posted to spaces, enabling the sharing of a single video across multiple spaces simultaneously.

Utilize spaces when you wish to:

  • Share videos with specific teams or customers.

  • Organize videos based on specific criteria such as content type or subject matter.

  • Establish a public library of videos (public space).

Discover all existing Spaces within your organization by clicking on the Spaces icon located in the left panel of your dashboard.

Create a new Space

  1. Select "Spaces" from the menu.

  2. Click on "Create new space".

  3. Provide a name for the space.

  4. Add a description for the space.

  5. Opt for an image for the space cover/icon or choose a color for the default icon.

  6. Choose a color for the space branding.

  7. If you prefer privacy, make the space private. In this scenario, only you will have visibility, and no other users in your organization can request to join. However, you can invite others to join.

  8. Include members from your organization and assign them roles.

Invite users to your Space

  1. Click on the 3-dots menu next to the relevant Space

  2. You will be able to edit the Space details and:

  • invite new members

  • view the list of workspace members

  • leave the space (if you're not the last member)

Update Space user role

Adding individual videos/playlists

  1. Locate the video or playlist you would like to share.

  2. Click the 3-dots menu next to it and select "Add to Space".

  3. Select the relevant space(s) by checking the checkbox next to them.

Adding multiple videos/playlists to a Space

Note: Presently, the ability to share multiple videos and playlists simultaneously is limited to those for which you are the owner.

1. Navigate to 'My Guides'.

2. Choose the relevant videos by marking the checkbox on the left side of the video thumbnail.

3. Click on "Share to Space".

4. Select the appropriate spaces by checking the corresponding checkboxes.

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