Workspace (Account)

Learn how to join an existing workspace or establish your own, and gain insights into Guidde product architecture

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Guidde's product architecture revolves around a hierarchical structure, comprising the user's Workspace (Account), Spaces for users and content division, Folders for video organization, Playlists for collection curation, and individual Videos as vital elements.

Workspace (Account)

Every Guidde user has the ability to create a single workspace while being able to join multiple workspaces.

Each workspace is separate in terms of subscription and billing. This ensures a personalized and secure environment for each user.


Within a Workspace, Spaces allow to separate different teams or aspects of their work.

*For instance, a business professional might have different Spaces for various clients or projects, ensuring a clear distinction between different areas of focus.


Create Folders to organize Spaces and neatly arrange your videos based on projects, topics, or any other classification that suits your workflow.

Please note: Adding folders is limited to Spaces and can only be done when there is at least one video in that specific Space.


Playlists, being a subset of videos, offer a unique way to string together videos with a common theme, making it convenient for presentations, educational purposes, or to guide viewers through a specific narrative.


At the foundation of the hierarchy are individual videos.

Each video has the flexibility to belong to one or more folders and playlists, and can be shared across multiple spaces concurrently.

The main video library is accessible under the 'Home' tab of your Workspace.

Upon signing up to Guidde, you can join an existing workspace or create your own. Each workspace functions as a distinct subscription.

Join existing Workspace

Once you sign up to Guidde with the email domain associated with an existing workspace, you will be offered to join.

An additional method to join a workspace is by accepting an invitation sent by the workspace administrator.

🧑‍💻 If you're an Administrator of a Workspace, here's how to Invite new teammate:

🔧 Specify the default privacy configurations for your workspace:

Internal - new users from your domain seamlessly join the workspace upon clicking "Join"

Restricted - when a new user initiates the "Join" process, a request is promptly sent to the administrator for approval before granting access.

Create new Workspace

Each user can create only one workspace per email address either during the sign up process or any time later from the dashboard.

​Complete the form to share information about yourself and enable Guidde to tailor your experience and content.

Switch between Workspaces

Just click on the workspace title to uncover a dropdown list of available workspaces, then click 'Switch'.

Leave a Workspace

Open your list of workspaces, click on a corresponding 3-dot menu and opt to leave that workspace.

Kindly be aware that you will not have the option to leave a workspace if you happen to be its sole member.

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