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Invite users to Workspace

Easily invite people to your workspace to start creating together.

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In this guidde, you'll discover how to add a new member to your workspace.

1. Begin by accessing the Guidde web app and selecting "Invite new member."

Access your dashboard and click Invite new member

2. Choose a role for the new member. Keep in mind that only the Viewer role does not require a paid seat.

Select a role

3. Enter the email address of the new member or paste a list of emails to send invitations in bulk.

type in email address or addresses of invitees

4. Customize the invitation message as needed.

Customize the invitation message

5. Hit the "Send Invitation" button to promptly send out invitations directly from the application.

Click Send invitation

6. Alternatively, copy the link to share it through your preferred communication channels.

Copy link to share it through your preferred communication channel
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