Account Settings

Overseeing billing, administering users, selecting language preferences, enhancing your plan, and adjusting the number of paid seats.

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Who can do it: Admins

To access Account Settings, click on your avatar at the bottom left corner of the dashboard.


Available on all plans:

  • Change your account (workspace) name

  • Select default Spaces for new members

  • View and manage your subscription plan

  • Enable/disable the preview animation for embedded videos

Available on Business and Enterprise plans:

  • Set default content privacy

  • Control who can join your account with Privacy settings

  • Update number of paid seats


  • Review your payment method

  • Update the bank card details

  • Add/change billing email address

  • View invoice history

  • Download invoices



Set your secondary language preferences.

How to switch between accounts

If you belong to multiple workspaces (accounts) within Guidde, you have the ability to 'Switch' between them using the left-side panel on your dashboard.

How to delete my account?

Account deletion does not cancel your active subscription.
To stop further renewals, please cancel your subscription in settings.

To initiate the removal of all your data from Guidde systems, please notify the Guidde Support team, and we will handle your request within a 48-hour timeframe.

What happens to my content when account is deleted?

Upon submitting an account deletion request, all of your content will be thoroughly removed from Guidde.

To safeguard your videos before proceeding with the deletion, kindly utilize any of the export options available.

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