How to cancel your subscription?

Learn how to cancel and what happens after

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Here's how to cancel your paid subscription and downgrade it to the Free plan:

1. Open Account Settings

To reach Account Settings, click on your avatar at the bottom left corner of your dashboard, pick 'Account Settings' and then hit the 'Update plan' button.

Open Account Settings

2. Click 'Back to Free'

Click 'Back to Free' to cancel your paid subscription and downgrade it to Free plan. Check key features available after downgrade.

Click 'Back to Free'

3. Confirmation

After you click ''Back to Free', a notification will appear to confirm the successful processing of your order.


4. Banner

Now the subscription is cancelled and plan is set to be changed to Free at the end of the billing cycle.


What happens after I cancel my subscription?

After your billing period concludes, your plan automatically transitions to the Free version. Don't worry, your guiddes stay right where they are, and you can keep using Guidde within the functionalities offered in the Free plan.

Despite the downgrade to the Free subscription, you retain the ability to export your guides; however, they will bear the Guidde watermark.

Please be aware that we don't provide refunds for unused time. However, you'll retain access to all paid features until the end of the current billing period.

How to reactivate my subscription?

Should you have a change of heart, you can easily reactivate your subscription by navigating to your 'Account Settings' and clicking on 'Update Plan' to get things rolling again.

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