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Upgrading your plan

Upgrade to unlock advanced features.

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Relevant for: Free plan , Pro plan, Business plan
​Who can do it: Admin

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Discover diverse Guidde plans and features to make an informed decision before upgrading.

Let's guide you through the process of upgrading your subscription, using the example of transitioning from the Free plan to the Business plan.

1. Open 'Account Settings'

To reach Account Settings, click on your avatar at the bottom left corner of your dashboard, pick 'Account Settings' and then hit the 'Upgrade plan' button.

Account Settings

2. Pick a Plan

Pick a plan that fits your needs and click 'Upgrade'

Pick a Plan

3. Billing period & team size

Select preferable billing period and the number of seats. Then go to payment. Please note that Viewers don't consume paid seats.

Billing period & team size

4. Check order summary & update the card if applicable

Check your order summary, review the payment information and proceed to Upgrade

Check order summary & update the card if applicable

5. Order Confirmation

After clicking the 'Upgrade' button, a notification will appear to confirm the successful processing of your order.

Order Confirmation

6. Upgrade Confirmation

Once changes to your subscription are applied within our payment processing system, another pop-up will inform you about that.

Upgrade Confirmation

7. Updated subscription

Congrats on the upgrade! Dive into unlocked features for an even better experience now.

Updated subscription

Billing changes after upgrading your plan

Upon completing the purchase process, your account will undergo an upgrade, and a payment receipt will be delivered to your designated email address.

Post-upgrade, the individual responsible for the subscription purchase is elevated to the role of Administrator. This Admin, who serves as the cardholder responsible for subscription payments, retains access to billing settings throughout their team membership. Admins gain the capability to manage licenses, add or remove team members, cancel or reactivate subscriptions, and initiate refund requests.

In the event of upgrading from one paid plan to another, such as Pro to Business, you will be charged for the difference between plans for the remainder of the billing cycle, accompanied by the issuance of an invoice for the difference.

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