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How to create multiple brand kits
How to create multiple brand kits

Learn how to streamline your creative workflow and customize brand elements with our Multi-Brand Kit feature.

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Need multiple brand kits for different teams or products? We've got you covered. Craft captivating, on-brand videos with ease using our Multi-Brand Kit feature, where all your brand elements are gathered in one place. With this feature, you can simplify the design process to ensure your videos reflect the essence of your brand, features, and teams.

Who can create Brand Kits?

Available on: Enterprise plan as an add-on

The administrative roles of Admin and Content Manager can create new brand kits. Note that those who are designated as members can set brand kits for their videos but not create new ones.

How to create multiple brand kits

1. To get started, navigate to the 'Brand Kit' section within the menu on the left-hand-side. Then click the 'Add Brand Kit' button in the top right corner.


2. Enter the desired name for the brand kit.

Name Your Brand Kit

3. Then click 'Create' so that you can start constructing your new brand kit.

Click 'CREATE'

Refine Your Brand Kits

Your new brand kit offers the same capabilities as your default brand kit. You can upload cover and ending slides, add multiple fonts and logos, set brand colors, and so much more. By setting defaults for each brand element, your team members can easily apply brand kits without the need for any extra in-video edits.

Refine Your Brand Kit

Where Can You Access Your Brand Kits?

If you need to tweak other brand kits and/or set a new default, you can access all of your brand kits per workspace within your brand kit library. Please note that this library is only visible to Admin and Content Manager roles.

Access Your Brand Kit Library

We hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Learn how to set a specific brand kit for your videos here.

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