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Effortlessly customize video aesthetics to match your brand identity and preferences

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You can craft captivating, on-brand videos with ease using our Brand Kit feature, where all your brand elements are gathered in one place. With a brand kit, you can simplify the video design process and ensure your videos reflect the essence of your brand.

Available on: Pro plan, Business plan, Enterprise plan
​Editing access: Admin and Content Managers

Multiple brand kits: Available on the Enterprise plan as an add-on

In your brand kit you can upload cover and ending slides, add multiple fonts and logos, edit step appearance, and so much more. By setting defaults for each brand element, you can avoid unnecessary, additional editing.

Refine Your Brand Kit

Who can create Brand Kits?

Please note that only the administrative roles of Admin and Content Manager can create and update a brand kit.

Who can create Brand Kits?

How to Customize Your Brand Kit

πŸ“Œ Changes made to the Brand Kit will be reflected in your upcoming videos, generated after the modifications are saved.

1. Enter the "Brand Kit" section

So now we'll show you how to customize your brand kit To get started, navigate to the "Brand Kit" section within the dashboard/menu on the left-hand-side.


2. Update your cover step

To create a different look for your cover step (the first step that will appear in every video you create) click on the "Add Cover Slide" option.

Click here

3. Customize the look of your cover

Select the background customization option.

Click 'Background'

4. Select a background

You can select a slick-looking gradient, a single color, a previously used cover background, or upload an image.

Select  background

5. Save your changes

Then save the modifications made to the brand kit.

Click 'Save changes'

6. Update your ending step

You can also select the ending step for your videos.

Click 'EndingSelect the ending slide for step-by-step videos'

7. Click "Add Ending Slide"

Click 'Add Ending Slide'

8. Add Intro Video

In addition to default cover and ending steps, you can add intro and outro videos for additional flair and engagement. Just click "Add Intro Video" and easily incorporate this dynamic content.

9. Add Outro Video

You can then upload your branded outro video for a strong finish.

10. Click "Add Logo or Favicon"

To make sure your videos emphasize your brand, you can add logos or favicons.

Click 'Add Logo or Favicon'

πŸ“Œ For optimal results we recommend adding both light and dark versions and using size 100x50px in PNG format.

9. Edit Step Appearance

You can also tweak the overall step appearance. You can learn more about your step appearance options here.

Edit Step Appearance

10. Select a step background

Choose a default background for every step.

Select a background

11. Select an element color

You can also choose an element color which will apply to your shapes on each step.

Select an element color

12. Customize Advanced Options

Within the "Advanced" options, you can choose whether you want to automatically apply a dark overlay and text callouts for each step.

Customize Advanced Options

13. Preview step appearance

A preview of the step appearance will update on the left-hand side as you customize the look.

Preview step appearance

14. Add an extension logo

Add a logo to be used as a recording panel icon.

πŸ“Œ For optimal results we recommend using size 256x256px in PNG format.

15. Set defaults in your brand kit

You can add up to 10 cover slides and ending steps in your brand kit, plus five logos. By setting a default in each section of your brand kit, those elements will automatically apply to your future videos.

Set defaults

We hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

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