Brand Kit

In this article, we will explore how you can customize the look and feel of your videos based on your brand, using our brand kit feature.

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Guidde makes it easy to streamline your video content according to your brand. You can set default account-wide colors, logos, and fonts with our Brand Kit feature (available on the Pro plan and above).

The Brand Kit is located on the left menu:

Available Customizations


Add brand colors that can be used across projects and set a default color.

Logos and Favicon

Add logos (we recommend adding light/dark versions), and select a default logo that will also be used as a logo element, and as a Favicon.

Note - for optimal results we recommend using size 100x50px in PNG format.


Select a font that will be used across your projects.

Cover and Ending

Create up to 10 different cover and ending slides. The cover and ending slides can be set as default. Click here to learn more

Step-by-step highlight colors

Choose a color to be used across arrows, page numbers, and area highlights.


Select a background for your step-by-step videos, add your own, select a gradient or choose to show without a background (full screen).

Extension logo

Add a logo to be used as a recording panel icon.

Note - for optimal results we recommend using size 256x256px in PNG format.

Saved changes in the brand kit will apply to videos created after the changes were saved.

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