Embedding a video or a playlist

In this article we will explore how you can embed videos and playlists within web pages

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You have the flexibility to integrate a publicly accessible Guidde video or playlist into any webpage associated with you or your company. Whether you own the webpage or it provides a designated embed option, here's a glimpse of how the integrated video will appear:

πŸ“Œ To embed a video, first, make sure it is public as described in this article.

1. Tap the 3-dots on the video/playlist thumbnail to open the share menu.

Open sharing menu

2. Opt for 'Share'.


3. Switch to the 'Export' tab.


4. Choose the embed type:

  • Choose 'Responsive' for automatic adaptation to screen size, ideal for mobile devices.

  • Opt for 'Fixed' to customize dimensions to your preferences and gain precise control over the display size.

Embed type

5. Click on 'Copy' to duplicate the code to the clipboard and integrate it into any web page.


πŸ“Œ If you need just the embed link you can copy the link pointed out below:

​Note: iFrame embed does not autoplay by default.

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