How to export guiddes

In this article, we delve into the multiple methods available for downloading from Guidde

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Available on: all plans
​Not accessible: during the free trial period

To explore available exporting options and learn how to save or download your video, access the sharing menu directly from your dashboard by clicking on the 3-dot menu of the video or click 'Share' when you have published a video.

Access Sharing menu

2. Open 'Export' tab to pick export format.

Switch to 'Export' tab

3. MP4 export allows you to save videos on cloud platforms, add them to internal databases offline, and easily upload to YouTube.

MP4 export

4. Animated GIF is a lightweight format that doesn't rely on internet access, making it ideal for both offline use and quick online sharing.

Animated GIF

5. When exporting your video to PDF document, you get a link to the video along with a detailed, image-guided set of instructions outlining each step in the video.

PDF Document
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