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Is it possible to capture outside the browser with Guidde?

Guidde's AI-generated video capture is available for browser-based content.
The capability to record outside of the browser will be available later this year.
Currently, you can seamlessly integrate externally recorded content into our format as video steps. Learn how to add pre-recorded MP4 files, like desktop screencasts or demo videos, to your Guidde videos here.

Can I use guidde to record on mobile apps?

While we don't currently offer a mobile app. It is possible to use 3rd party tools (like Vysor - which provide a web-based version to capture mobile workflows for Android devices only). Please click here to see a demo of how it is done.

How to remove the browser frame around my video?

You can remove the browser frame by selecting the "No background" option for video background under the brand kit.

This setting only applies to new videos. If you'd like to remove the video background from existing videos, contact support.

How can I add additional steps to an existing video?

You can add additional steps in the form of image or title steps to enrich/update your videos.

Where do I set a password for the account?

With guidde you never need to remember your password, as we are passwordless. You can either log in via your Google/Microsoft account or by using a one-time magic link that you will get in an email. We also offer organizational SSO as an add-on to our Enterprise plan.

Is it possible to upload videos to guidde?

You can upload regular videos to guidde and integrate with Zoom, Youtube, Onedrive, and Google Drive to copy your videos to guidde (available on the Enterprise plan). Click here to learn more about the Enterprise plan.

Why is the video limited to 100 steps?

In our experience, it is not recommended to pass 100 steps, both from an editing and usage standpoint as well as from the viewpoint of viewers, as they are unlikely to follow so many steps.

Can I download my content for use in other systems?

You can download content from guidde in MP4, GIF, and PDF formats (on any of our paid plans). Click here for more information.

In addition, you can use our Smart Copy feature to easily copy-paste guidde content to other systems. Learn more on Smart Copy here.

What happens at the end of my free 14-day trial?

Once the trial is over, provided you haven't upgraded to one of our paid plans, you will be downgraded to our Free plan, which can be used to create up to 25 videos in total. For a comparison of different plans' features click here.

What will happen to the content I've created during my trial after the trial is over?

All content created during the trial will remain available after the trial, but further creations and edits will be limited features available on the plan migrated to (whether paid or free).

What are your security certifications?

We are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and GDPR Ready. For more details click here

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