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Editing step-by-step videos
Editing step-by-step videos

In this article, we will explore the different options available when editing step-by-step videos

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Our Step-by-Step video format allows you to not just record videos quickly but also enables you to easily edit the recorded video. In this article, we'll walk you through the array of editing options currently at your disposal.

Edit Video Button

Step navigation

Step Navigation

Intro & Outro

Intro and outro videos are fundamental in building a unified brand identity for your content. MP4 files you add are subject to a 10 MB size limitation.

Cover & Ending

Add cover and ending slides by clicking on the "+" sign of the Cover and Ending slides. Once added, you can edit and customize the slides.

Cover and Ending step selection

πŸ“Œ Administrators can choose to designate the Cover and Ending slides as the default setting for all videos created under the account:

Step Editing

Undo and Redo

You can click on the Undo or Redo buttons to transition between saved changes (or use a keyboard shortcut).

Undo and Redo Buttons

Adding video background

Background Selection

You can select a background color, a gradient, or an image to be used as a background by clicking on the "Background" Button when editing.

Step Numbering

Add step numbers as visual cues by checking the 'Numbers' option. This feature automatically places numbered circles on each step, and you can customize their position and size.

Step Numbering

Step Transitions

Check out this article to learn how to add nice transitions between your video steps: How to add step transitions to your video.

Adding Steps

  • Incorporate titles to segment a video into topics.

  • Add screenshots or images to illustrate concepts or ideas.

  • Integrate screencasts to demonstrate activities captured outside the browser.

  • Add steps from another Guidde video.

  • Include PowerPoint slides or PDFs.​

Explore options available: πŸ“šHow to add steps

Adding Steps

Deleting Steps

To delete steps click the 3-dots menu next to the relevant step and opt for "Delete step".

Deleting Steps

Duplicating Steps

To duplicate steps click on the 3-dots menu next to the relevant video step and pick "Duplicate Step".

Reordering Steps

You can easily reorder the steps by dragging the relevant step into the desired position with the mouse.

πŸ“Œ To select multiple video steps:

  • hold down 'Shift'

  • click on the desired steps

After selection, utilize the 3-dot menu for two actions: duplicate or delete the chosen steps.

Setting Step Duration

Guidde allows you to manage the duration of individual steps or, if preferred, adjust the durations for all steps (only if steps don't contain a voiceover) simultaneously.
In order to change the duration:

  • Click on the 3-dot menu next to the step you wish to change

  • Click 'Set Duration'

  • Set duration using the slider

  • Toggle the checkbox if you wish to apply the same duration to all steps

  • Click "Apply".

Available Elements

A variety of elements can be added to enrich your video:

Insert Menu


Incorporate callout text boxes within your video instructions and fine-tune them further to your preference. You have the flexibility to select a font family per callout, adjust text size, color, highlight color, and apply bold or underline formatting, according to your chosen font.

Font Selection


  • Rectangle/Circle: emphasize specific areas in your video step by resizing and repositioning these shapes for effective highlighting, or simply utilize them as regular shapes without the highlight effect as needed.

  • Arrow: elevate visual guidance and clarity within your content by resizing and fine-tuning the angle of arrows to precisely meet your presentation needs.


  • Logo: integrate your brand identity by adding one of the logos from your Brand Kit.

  • Avatar/Speaker: add a personal touch in communication by adding your own or the speaker's avatar for a more relatable connection with the audience.

  • Upload image: complement your videos with pictures and screenshots to provide additional visual context.

πŸ“Œ To replace an image in the existing video:
1. click 'Edit Video'
2. open a video step where you want to change an image

3. click 'Crop'

4. click 'Add Photo'

5. pick an image from your library

6. adjust the size of the inserted image

7. click 'Confirm' to apply a change.


Utilize a resizable shape to blur out sensitive information from the video, safeguarding privacy and confidentiality.

Available on: Pro plan, Business plan, Enterprise plan
​Can not be applied to: Cover, Title and Ending steps.


Darken the background using a layer of a dark filter to emphasize the highlighted area, adding focus and prominence to the specific content you want to showcase. Please note, overlay can not be applied over images.

πŸ“Œ Overlay can not be applied on images​.

Adding call-to-action buttons

Single Action
Add a customizable call-to-action button to any step in your video. Guidde will automatically integrate a button based on the URL where you captured your video.

Available customizations:

  • Enable/ Disable call-to-action

  • Description: add text for callout buttons, determining what's displayed inside.

  • Link: Establish navigation to another step, video, or external link.

  • Image: Choose between a default company logo or a custom uploaded image to display alongside the button.

  • Position: Select the location for displaying the button.

​Multiple Actions
Grant your audience the authority to decide their next viewing experience, enhancing video interactivity through the incorporation of the Multiple Actions feature.

Multiple Actions Editing

To add a button, while in video edit mode, click on Insert > Action > Single Action:

Single Action

Deleting Elements

To delete elements from slides, select the relevant element and click on the trash bin icon or by using the Del/Backspace button on your keyboard once the element has been selected.

Deleting Elements

Duplicating Elements

Elements can be easily duplicated by selecting the relevant element and clicking on the duplicate button. Alternatively, the keyboard shortcuts can be used to copy and paste elements into the selected step.

Duplicating Elements

Keyboard shortcuts

To make the best use of our editor we recommend checking out the list of keyboard shortcuts, that can be used inside the editor.

πŸ“Œ To save the current version of your video, simply click 'Done' to secure your progress.

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