Editing Step-by-Step Videos

In this article, we will explore the different options available when editing step-by-step videos

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Our Step-by-Step video format allows you to not just record videos quickly but also enables you to easily edit the recorded video. In this article, we will explore the different editing options currently available.

Step Editing

Step Navigation

Use the step navigator to select the steps that you'd like to edit.

Cover and Ending slides

You can add cover and ending slides by clicking on the "+" sign of the Cover and Ending slides. Once added, you can edit and customize the slides.

Note: Administrators will have the option to set the Cover and Ending slides as default (for all created videos under the account) for more details click here.

Single Action

With this feature, you can add a call to action button to any step on your video that you can fully customize. Guidde will automatically add a button based on the URL where you captured your video.

To add the button, while in video edit mode, click on "Insert" -> "Action" -> "Single Action":

The following options are available for customization:

  • Enable/Disable the button

  • Description - The text that will be displayed inside the button

  • Link - You can select to navigate to a different step, another video, or an external link (opens in a new tab)

  • Image - Default company logo or custom image (upload) that will be displayed on the left side of the button

  • Position - Select the location where you would like the button to be shown.

Step Numbering

Automatic numbers of steps can be added (to serve as a visual cue for each step) By selecting the "Numbering" checkbox. Numbered circles will be added automatically to each step, and their location and size can be customized.

You can add motion between steps with our step transitions feature.

Add background music to your videos.

Adding Steps

New steps can be added easily, by selecting the step you would like to insert the new step after and clicking on the "+ Add Step" button. The following steps can be added:

  • Title step - Text box step which can be further customized

  • Image step - An Image can be added from the clipboard, dragged and dropped into the step, or selected from files.

  • Import Steps - This option enables you to import steps from another guidde video. click here to learn more

Deleting Steps

To delete steps please click the 3-dots menu next to the relevant step and click on "Delete step"

Duplicating Steps

To delete steps please click on the 3-dots menu next to the relevant step and click on "Duplicate Step".

Reordering Steps

You can easily reorder the steps by dragging the relevant step into the desired position with the mouse.

Setting Step Duration

Guidde enables you to control the duration of each of the steps or alternatively set new step durations for all slides in one go. In order to change the duration: click on the 3-dot menu next to the step you wish to change -> Click Set Duration -> Set duration using the slider -> Toggle the checkbox if you wish to apply the same duration to all steps -> Click "Apply".

Undo and Redo

You can click on the Undo or Redo buttons to transition between saved changes (or use a keyboard shortcut).

Customizing the Background

You can select a background color, a gradient, or an image to be used as a background by clicking on the "Background" Button when editing.

Available Elements

A variety of elements can be added to enrich your video:

  • Text - The text size, text color, highlight color, add bold and underline (providing the selected font supports it) can be customized by selecting a text element.

  • Arrow - Arrows can be resized and the angle of the arrows can be adjusted.

  • Rectangle/Circle - These elements used to highlight a part of the recorded screen can be resized and repositioned.

  • Image - Images can be uploaded.

  • Overlay

  • Logo - The default logo from your defined brand kit can be added to the step.

  • Blur - a shape that can be resized to blur our sensitive information from the video

Deleting Elements

To delete elements from slides, select the relevant element and click on the trash bin icon or by using the Del/Backspace button on your keyboard once the element has been selected.

Duplicating Elements

Elements can be easily duplicated by selecting the relevant element and clicking on the duplicate button. Alternatively, the keyboard shortcuts can be used to copy and paste elements into the selected step.

Keyboard shortcuts

To make the best use of our editor we recommend checking out the list of keyboard shortcuts, that can be used inside the editor.

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