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How to add step transitions to your video
How to add step transitions to your video

Add motion to your guidde videos with this feature. You can select from 13 different step transition options.

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1. Click "Motion"

To get started, Click on the Motion button on the step you want to add the transition to.


2. Select a transition

Select one of 13 available transition options.

Select a transition

3. Select a transition

Once selected, a preview of the transition will be shown.

Select a transition

4. Control transition

You can control the transition speed as well as the direction of selected transitions.

Control transition

5. Make sure "Apply to all steps" is selected if you want to apply the transition to all slides

If you want to Apply the transition to all steps, make sure this option is selected.

Make sure

6. Click "APPLY"

Once you are happy with your selection click on the "APPLY" button.

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