How to Add Steps?

Add a blank title step or integrate externally crafted content into our format as video steps.

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Incorporate new steps into your guide with just a few clicks. Simply select the step after which you want to insert the new one and click on the '+ Add Step' button.

Types of steps available for inclusion

  • Blank
    Craft text boxes and customize them further to suit the specific nuances of your guide.

  • Image
    Elevate your guide visually by seamlessly integrating images. Add visuals from the clipboard, drag and drop them directly into the step, or choose from your files for a visually compelling tutorial.

  • Video
    Add MP4 files of pre-recorded desktop screencasts or demo videos, to your Guidde videos.

  • Add from Guidde
    Streamline your content creation by importing steps from another Guidde video.

  • Import from file

    PPT - harness the power of your PowerPoint presentations by effortlessly importing PPT or PPSX files directly into your guide.

    PDF - transform PDF files into video steps with ease by importing files into your video.

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