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Merge Guidde-created videos in just a few seconds

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Available on: all plans
Who can do it: video owner, Content Manager, Admin

Let's walk you through the process of merging videos created with Guidde.

1. To get started, once in video edit mode, click on the 'Add step' button and opt for 'Add from Guidde'.

2. Type the video title into the search bar to find and merge it with your current guide.
You will see a drop-down list displaying matching videos from your workspace.

Type the name of the video

⚠️ If you're unable to locate the required video using the search bar, verify that it is not a draft and has been successfully published.

4. Select a video from the list.

Select the guidde you wish to import

5. Decide if you would like to keep the Cover or Ending of the imported video and mark relevant checkboxes.

Select cover/ending

6. Once you click on the Import button all steps will be imported.

Click 'Import'

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