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Getting started with recording on Guidde
Getting started with recording on Guidde

Let's get you up to speed with recording via Guidde

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Discover the ease of creating documentation with Guidde's AI-powered extension. This tutorial is designed for new users who want to quickly get up to speed with recording via Guidde. Follow along as we walk you through the key steps to produce high-quality documentation efficiently and effectively.

1. Install extension

Before you can start recording you must make sure that the Guidde extension is installed on your Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Install Guidde extension from Chrome or Microsoft Edge web store

2. Pin extension

Once downloaded, we recommend pinning the Guidde extension to your browser toolbar to ensure easy access for capturing from any website.

3. Select Step-by-step capture

When you're ready to record, click into the extension and then select the capture recording button.

Select Step-by-step capture

4. Add important info on your guide

A pop-up will then appear where you will select the documentation category and add a few words about the goal of your guide.

Describe your how-to

5. Choose a guide category

We offer a variety of categories to choose from. Note that your selection will impact the phrasing of the AI-generated transcript.

Choose a guide category

6. Describe your guide

Then add a short description of your guide. You must describe your guide in the transcript and voiceover language that you will be recording in.

Describe your guide

7. Select a language

Select a language and click the "Go" button. You'll then see a countdown before the capture starts.

Select a language

8. Capture steps

In this example, I want to show how to access our Help Center. Guidde’s recording tool will automatically track each step I take to show viewers. Every click will be logged as a step, while the time between steps will not be included in the video.

Explore how to capture steps

For my first step that I would like to be logged. I scrolled down and clicked on 'Documentation' in the footer menu.

Example of click tracking

In my second step on a new URL, I clicked the ‘Getting Started’ section in the Help Center. While recording, Guidde easily captures your movement between tabs.

Second example of click tracking

9. Click the extension to stop, pause, delete, or restart recording

After showcasing all the steps you wish to capture, simply click on the extension to stop the recording.

Click the extension to stop, pause, delete, or restart recording

You can also pause, delete, or restart the recording. Anything that you accidentally clicked can easily be removed during the editing process.

Here's how it looks when you're in viewing mode. Page includes a table of contents, a video player, and a step-by-step document displayed beneath the video.

Please note that a voiceover will be automatically applied to your step-by-step guides. You can easily change the speaker in the editor mode.

🖥️ To ensure consistency, all video recordings are standardized to a resolution of 1920x1080 px. This will maintain a uniform and professional appearance across all videos.

🎞️ To maintain clarity, videos are limited to 100 steps, regardless of the subscription plan. This keeps content focused and enhances the user experience for both creators and viewers.

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