Guidde for Zendesk

In this article, we will explain how to use Guidde Zendesk Integration.

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Available on: Enterprise plan
​Available to: Members, Content Managers, Admins

Guiddes can easily be shared in tickets, saving customer support agents time and providing answers customers can follow with ease.

1. To Get started open a Zendesk ticket you want to share a Guidde on

Zendesk Ticket Example

2. Click on the red "G" located on the bottom panel of the composer

Red "G" icon on Zendesk ticket view

πŸ“Œ If you don't see the button on the panel, please make sure the Zendesk Integration is enabled on our Integrations Page and that the Guidde browser extension is installed.

3. You will have three available options for inserting Guiddes into the ticket

Selection Options

You can capture a new Guidde which will be copied to your clipboard automatically following the recording

Capture a new Guidde

Or copy the last recorded Guidde into your clipboard

Copy last Guidde

Alternatively, you can select and search for Guiddes using the 'Find a Guidde' option

Find a Guidde

Click here to search using keywords

Click here to search using keywords

Or select one of the latest videos

Or select one of the latest videos

4. Once a Guidde was selected it will be copied into the clipboard and can be pasted directly into the ticket.

Pasted video
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