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Guidde integrations overview
Guidde integrations overview

Guidde is designed to complement the way you work and is already integrated with many of the tools you use daily.

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Guidde's Integration List

Supported browsers

The Guidde extension is available to download from the leading browser add-on stores:

  • Google Chrome - Find it in the Chrome Web Store here

  • Microsoft Edge - Find it in the MS Edge Add-Ons here

Cloud file systems

You can also automatically ingest content from the cloud file systems you are using today

  • Google Drive

  • Microsoft One Drive

Communication platforms

  • Zoom - Guidde is available from the Zoom Marketplace, enabling automatic video ingestion and processing

  • Slack - Guidde enables seamless knowledge searching and sharing over any selected Slack channels. You can get it for your organization here.

  • Gmail - Guidde's Gmail integration allows users to quickly and easily insert Guiddes into emails with just a few clicks. This makes it easy to share Guiddes with team members and external partners, saving time and effort.

Ticketing systems

  • Zendesk - The Zendesk Integration provides an easy way to search, record and insert Guiddes directly into Zendesk Tickets. This allows agents to quickly find detailed answers to customer inquiries, reducing ticket time.

  • ServiceNow - Using the ServiceNow Integration, Guiddes can be searched, recorded, and inserted directly into ServiceNow Tickets. In this way, agents are able to find and create detailed answers to customer inquiries quickly, reducing the amount of time spent on inquiries.

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