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Learn how to add voiceovers to your how-to videos.

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Guidde enables you to add audio after video capture instead of recording it simultaneously:

  1. Record a voiceover by narrating your video step by step with your own voice.

  2. Convert transcript into a voiceover with our Text-to-Voice feature.

  3. Upload MP3/WAV files to transcribe your voice recordings.

Guidde supports 40+ languages and over 200 natural-sounding voices, enabling you to select a voice that suits your needs based on gender and accent. Check the list of options available here: Supported languages.

Record a voiceover

1. While editing a video, click the 'Voiceover' button to include a voiceover for that step.

2. Select the relevant language for automatic transcription.

3. Choose the microphone device intended for recording.

4. Initiate recording by pressing the red 'Rec' button. Click 'Stop' to conclude the recording or 'Restart' if you prefer to redo it.

6. After stopping, you'll have options like play, restart, or delete the recording.

7. Click "Add Voiceover" to add it to the step.

8. Once added, Guidde automatically transcribes the recording for you.
Feel free to edit the transcript or restart the recording if necessary.

Convert Text to Voice

Available on: Business plan, Enterprise plan

1. During step editing, select the 'Voiceover' button to incorporate a voiceover into the step.

2. Open the 'Text to Voice' tab.

3. Choose your desired language.

4. Select a Speaker voice. You can preview the voice by clicking the play button next to its name.

5. Input your text in the 'Transcript' text box for the text-to-voice conversion.
6. Click 'Add Voiceover' to create the voiceover.

Utilize the 'Play' button to listen to a generated audio. Make adjustments with the 'Edit Voiceover' button or delete it using the trash-bin icon.

πŸ“Œ To alter the speed of the generated voiceover for an individual video step or the entire video, select an appropriate option and, if necessary, mark 'Apply to all steps.'

πŸ“Œ Incorporate custom pronunciation or add the International Phonetic Alphabet option to attain the desired sound for particular words in the voiceover.

πŸ“š Save these preferences in your workspace Dictionary, and the new rule will be implemented for all future voiceovers.
πŸ’‘ Use the Cambridge Online Dictionary as a reliable source of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions.

Convert Voice to Text

Upload a pre-recorded voiceover in WAV or MP3 format, with a maximum size limit of 10MB per video step, to have them converted into a transcript.
Follow the straightforward steps outlined below to enrich each video step by incorporating a pre-recorded voiceover.

1. Select the 'Upload audio' button to choose an audio file from your device library.


2. Await completion of the file upload process; your transcript will be generated once it's finished.


3. Preview the uploaded voiceover and review the transcript.

Check the transcript

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