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Create a Playlist

Create playlists out of your videos for a seamless and personalized viewing experience

Updated over a week ago

This guide will show you how to add videos to new and existing playlists.

1. Select videos

Glide your cursor over the thumbnails to reveal control buttons and mark-select videos for your playlist and then hit 'Save to Playlist'.

Select videos

2. Add to playlist

Select from list of existing playlists or proceed with the "Add New Playlist" option.

Add new Playlist

3. Create new playlist

Type in a title and click 'Create'.

Create New Playlist

4. Locate your new playlist

Head to your dashboard to locate your new playlist.

Check dashboard

5. Check the result

Open the playlist to check the result.

Open a Playlist

📌 Playlists are set to automatically play by default.
To deactivate this feature, toggle the corresponding option on the player toolbar.

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