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Guidde Insights equips administrators and content managers with vital data about video performance, viewer engagement, and top creators.

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Learn how to unlock the power of Guidde's Insights feature to monitor performance, track top creators, and analyze viewer behavior. In this article, we'll walk you through the feature's variety of actionable data on guides and creators.

To get started, click the "Insights" section on the left-hand navigation menu. You'll then be taken to the Insights home dashboard.

Click 'Insights'

How to Use Guidde Insights

Select Date Range

Let's start by viewing data based on a certain timeframe. In the top right corner, you can select the desired date range for insights.

Select Date Range

Analyze a Specific Time Period

For this tutorial, we're going to go ahead and select "Last Week". You can also filter your data by the previous month, 3 months, 6 months, or a custom date range.

Click 'Last week'

Assess Total Views

Along the top of the Insight's dashboard you'll see a row of noteworthy, key performance indicators. At a glance, you can see the total number of guide views for that time period.

Assess Total Views

Gauge the Number of Unique Viewers

You can also see the number of unique viewers for all of your guides. Note that a red arrow indicates a decrease and a green arrow indicates an increase, compared to the previous time period.

Unique Viewers

Examine Average Watch Time

Plus, you can review the average watch time across all of your guides. By assessing this with the context of the average length of your guides, it's a great indicator of viewer engagement and impact.

Average Watch Time

Average % of the Guides Watched

Another important engagement metric is the average % of guides watched. Basically, how much of a guide did your viewers view.

Average % of the guides watched

Date-Based Line Graphs

Now let's do a deeper dive into the Insight's reports.

Insights Exploration

Filter Metrics for Line Graph Reports

On the right-side of the "Video Engagement" section, you can select or deselect "Video Loads," "Total Views," and "Unique Viewers" for the line graph report. It depends if you want to examine multiple engagement metrics over time or zoom-in on a specific KPI.

Click 'Total Views'

Dive Deeper into Performance per Day

If you hover over the line graph with your cursor, you'll see an organized breakdown of the metrics for that specific day.

Guide Engagement Graph

Your Guides' Engagement Averages

You can also assess the key metrics of "Average % Watched" and "Average Watch Time," across your selected time period. This applies to all of your published guides.

Important Averages Across Guides

Top 5 Videos

Scroll further down and you can see the top-performing guides.

Top 5 Videos

Top 5 Creators

Plus, you can take a look at the top creators for that time period.

Top 5 Creators

Table View

What's great about our Insights feature is that you can also click into "Table View" to see the data for all of your guides in a grid/table format.

Table View

Sort Table by Different Metrics

Feel free to explore all the metrics associated with your published guides. When you click on a specific metric you can sort the table view by descending and ascending order.

Sort Table by Different Metrics

Export to CSV

You can also easily export all of this data to a CSV.

Export to CSV

Search for a Guide or a Playlist

If you want to dig into guide data even deeper, you can utilize the search function for specific guides or playlists.

Search for a guide or a playlist

Enter a Search Query

Enter a search query for a specific guide and you'll be able to access the same tracked metrics that you saw in the general table view.

Fill 'How to create a brand kit'

Access analytics via the menu

You can also access individual guide analytics from any three-button menu across our platform.

Access Analytics via the menu

Access analytics via 'View Mode'

For example, you can click into the menu within the editor as well as within view mode.

Access Analytics from View Mode

View engagement graphs and metrics

You can then examine important engagement metrics and graphs, just like our holistic Insights section.

View engagement graphs and metrics

We hope you found this article useful for learning how to use Guidde's Insights feature to check guide stats, see top creators, and understand viewer behavior. If you need more help with these metrics, just reach out to our support team. We're here to help you make the most of this tool!

Please note that Guidde Insights allows for a data processing delay of approximately 24 hours.

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