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Discover how to integrate how-to instructions into any HTML-compatible text editor using the Smart Copy feature.

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Who can do it: Guidde video owner, Content Manager, Admin
Relevant for: all plans

Perfect for swiftly crafting employee enablement materials and documenting instructions in your knowledge base.

Examples of supported systems

Smart Copy effortlessly turns your How-to videos into step-by-step instructions. Paste the HTML code into the editor, and voila! A document with a video link and detailed steps, complete with images and descriptions.

1. Select the relevant video and click on 'Share'

Select the relevant video and Click on Share

2. Select the 'Smart Copy' tab. Smart copy enables you to copy How-to's in a format which is optimized for HTML-compatible text editors.


3. Select 'HTML'. Once selected, the instructions will be copied into your clipboard.

Click on the HTML Icon

4. Go to the webpage that supports HTML, specifically the one where you intend to include the instructions. See Google Doc on the example:

Switch to any compatible Text Editor

5. Paste the video and instructions into the text editor using 'Cmd/Ctrl + V' or by right-clicking and selecting paste. The instructions will be inserted in an optimized format.

Paste the video and instructions into the text editor

📌 When on the Free Plan, Smart Copy HTML adds a "Made with" watermark to video steps:

Click here

🧑‍💻 If you encounter difficulty pasting the steps into your system, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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