Embedding videos to GitBook

Level Up Your GitBook: learn how to embed Guidde videos to your pages

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Make your knowledge-sharing game strong on GitBook! Easily spice up your content by adding videos and playlists with just a few clicks. No tech hassle, just quick and snazzy sharing to keep your audience hooked. Let's make learning a visual treat together!

1. Pick a video or a playlist and click on a 3-dot menu

Access your Guide dashboard to select a video for embedding into GitBook, and click on the three-dot menu.

Pick a video and open the 3-dot menu

2. Opt for "Share"

Click 'Share' in the dropped-down menu.

Click 'Share'

3. Copy the link

Click the 'Copy link' button.

Copy the link

4. Open a GitBook page.

Hit 'Slash' and type in 'embed'.

Hit 'Slash' and type in 'embed'

5. Click on 'Embed a URL'

Embed a URL

6. Paste the URL

Paste the URL copied from Guidde, and then click 'Insert' to confirm the embedding.

Click 'Insert'

Upon completion you'll find a Guidde video seamlessly integrated into your GitBook page.

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