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Embedding videos on Pendo Guides

In this article, we will show you how to embed videos within Pendo guides using building blocks.

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1. Click on the "Share" button in the video you wish to embed.

To get started click on the "Share" button on the video you wish to embed and select the "Export" tab

Click on the

2. Select "Fixed"

Select the fixed radio button.

For best results, we recommend changing the resolution to 420 pixels on 220 pixels


3. Click "COPY"

Click on the copy button to copy the code into your clipboard


4. In Pendo. While editing the Pendo guide click on the "add content button"

Click here

5. Click "Code Block"

Click the Code Block button which can be found under the advanced section


6. Paste Code

Paste the HTML code into the HTML tab

Paste Code

7. Click "Done"

Click on the Done button to add the video to the step


8. The video is now added to the step

The video will be added to the Pendo guide step

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