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Guidde's Startup Program
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What is our Startup Program?

guidde’s Status program is aimed at helping eligible startups gain access to guidde at a discounted rate.

The objective is to enable startups to grow with us, access gradual pricing discounts, and access gradual pricing discounts and provide time for startups to scale up while enjoying rich guidde features.

Startup Program Pricing

In the first year, you get this plan for $84 per year from the original list price of $420. That's an 80% discount! Subsequently, you’ll get a 50% off in the second year, in the second year, you’ll get a 50% off.

Included in your Plan

Not included in Your plan

  • All the Business plan Features

  • Discounted price for an unlimited number of seats


List Price

Year 1

Year 2

Plan Cost




Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

  • Early stage: Up to $2M in funding and less than 2 years old.

  • Small company: Less than 20 employees.

  • New customer: Currently not a guidde customer.

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