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Recording automated step-by-step videos
Recording automated step-by-step videos

Learn how to record using our automated step-by-step video capture

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Step-by-step videos enable you to record a workflow you show on screen without needing audio. Guidde will track and record your clicks, typed inputs, and webpage changes and will automatically create a how-to video with all of the steps you can swiftly share in multiple ways, and the viewers can easily follow.

Recording a step-by-step Video

  1. To record a step-by-step video, click the Red "G" Icon

  2. Select the tab from which you want the recording to start and click "Capture Workflow"

  3. Go through the workflow you would like to capture (We identify your clicks, typed inputs, and URL changes)

  4. Once you've completed recording the workflow, hover over the red "G" in the right corner of the screen and click the "Stop" button

  5. A new tab with the automated step-by-step video will be displayed within a few seconds.

⚠️ To maintain clarity and engagement, we have set a maximum limit of 100 steps for videos regardless of the subscription plan. This ensures that content remains focused and easy to follow, providing a better user experience for both creators and viewers.

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