Managing Users

Learn how to manage users in Guidde

Updated over a week ago

You can invite new users in your team to join your Guidde workspace by clicking the Invite button on the left panel:

Alternatively, you can invite users to a specific space by clicking on the 3-dots menu and clicking on "invite user":

There are two ways to invite users to join your Guidde workspace/space:

  1. Invite by Email - type their email address(es) and choose their role, you can also customize the invite message they will receive in the email if needed.

  2. Invite with a link - you can also share by clicking the "Copy" button and sharing the link with the team member(s) you want to invite to Guidde.

Note: only team members with the same email domain as defined in your workspace configuration will be able to use the link for sign-up.

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